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Sheldon Cooper's Roommate Agreement

This is a compilation of the roommate agreement put up by Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory. I found it funny and nice so here I'm putting it up(as found in The Roommate Agreement(BBT))........

Articles of the Roommate Agreement

  • Skynet Clause: Leonard will help Sheldon destroy an artifical intelligence that Sheldon has created and is taking over the earth.
  • Body Snatchers Clause: Leonard will help Sheldon destroy someone who they know that has been replaced by an alien pod.
  • Godzilla Clause: Presumably, Leonard will help Sheldon destroy a monster that has destroyed Tokyo.
  • Article 1, Section C: Sheldon can call for an emergency meeting.
  • Cohabitation Rider:
    • Provisions that are activated when the term of the Rider is fulfilled:
      1. In the refrigerator as opposed to them having two separate shelves and one communal shelf, the three of them now get individual shelves and the door becomes communal.
      2. Apartment vacuuming shall be increased from two to three times a week to accommodate the increased accumulation of dead skin cells.
      3. The bathroom schedule shall be changed to accommodate the third person.
    • Terms that must be met to activate the Rider: A girlfriend shall be deemed "living with" Leonard when she has stayed over for (a): ten consecutive nights or (b) more than nine nights in a three week period or (c) all the weekends of a given month plus three weeknights.
    • The girlfriend also has to sign that she does not now, nor does she intend to play percussive or brass instruments.
  • Unnamed Clause: Leonard will name Sheldon as his sidekick if Leonard obtains superpowers.
  • Section 9: The apartment's flag is a gold lion rampant on a field of azure and should never be flown upside down, unless the apartment is in distress.
  • Section 9: If one of the roommates ever invents time travel, the first stop has to aim exactly five seconds after this clause of the Roommate Agreement was signed.
  • Section 8C: Roommates shall give each other 12 hours notice of impending coitus.
  • Section 74C: Leonard must assist Sheldon if he ever becomes a robot.
  • Unnamed Clause: If Sheldon turns into a zombie, Leonard cannot kill him.
  • [Clause] : If one of them will be visiting CERN, they must take the other roommate along. (Friendship Clause: Sheldon will take Leonard swimming to Bill Gates' house should he ever be invited.
  • Unnamed Clause: The thermostat must be kept at 71 degrees at all times.
  • Unnamed Clause: Fridays are reserved for watching Firefly due to Sheldon's assumption that it would be on for years.
  • Unnamed Clause: Leonard must drive Sheldon to work.
  • Section 37B: Miscellanous Duties: Leonard is obligated to drive Sheldon to his various appointments, such as to the dentist. Leonard must also provide a "confirmation sniff" to tell if questionable dairy products are still edible.
  • Paragraph 9, Subsection B: The right to bathroom privacy is suspended in the event of Force Majeure
  • Unnamed Clause: The occupancy of the shower is deemed to be one, unless being attacked by water-soluble aliens.
  • Section 7: Speaks about the right to enter the bathroom in emergency situations.
  • Addendum J: When Sheldon showers second, any and all measures shall be taken to ensure an adequate supply of hot water.
  • Unnamed Clause: Thursday night is Franconi's Pizza night.
  • Unnamed Clause: Selection of a new takeout restaurant requires a public hearing and a 60-day comment period.
  • Clause 209: Sheldon and Leonard both have the option of nullifying their roommate agreement, having no responsibilities or obligations toward each other, other than paying rent and sharing utilities.
  • Unnamed Addendum: Once a year, Leonard and Sheldon take one day to celebrate the contributions Leonard gives to Sheldon's life, both real and imaginary. Leonard does not get breakfast in bed, the right to sit in Sheldon's spot, or permission to alter the thermostat; the only thing that Leonard gets is a thank-you card. This day is called "Leonard's Day."
  • Roommate Review:Once a year (presumably), Sheldon assesses Leonard's worthiness as a roommate.   

Unspecified Clauses

  • Since the “Sweaty Night of '06”, Sheldon has control of the thermostat in the apartment, which is set at 71 degrees.
  • Leonard has the right to allocate fifty percent of the cubic footage of the common areas in the apartment, but only if Sheldon is notified in advance by e-mail.
  • Pets are banned under the roommate agreement, with the exception of service animals such as cybernetically-enhanced helper monkeys, and seeing-eye dogs
  • No "hootennanies", sing-alongs, raucous laughter, clinking of glasses, celebratory gunfire, or barbershop quartets after 10.p.m. 

Friendship Rider

Appendix C - Future commitments
  • No.37: In the event one friend is ever invited to visit the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, he shall invite the other friend to accompany him
  • If one friend gets super powers, he will name the other one as his sidekick.
  • If one friend is bitten by a zombie, the other can't kill him.
  • If one friend wins a MacArthur grant, he must mention the other friend in his speech.
  • If one friend gets invited to go swimming at Bill Gates' house, he will take the other friend to accompany him. 
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